We recommend starting with a daily skincare regime using a combination of products from our Clarol range, which is wholly dedicated to acne-prone skin.

We'd recommend the Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash used twice daily,  followed by Sebopure during the day and Skin Flora Re-balancing Serum at night. Use all products over the entire face, even on areas with no acne. 

If you also want to conceal spots, you can then add our Conceal & Shield over the top of the Sebopure during the day to conceal spots and areas of redness and acne as it contains protective and calming ingredients.

These products should not be used in conjunction with any other acne medications and/or products or any anti bacterial products. These will negate or alter the effects of Clarol products.

Please also allow 2-3 weeks to start seeing the results. Acne is a complex skin condition and Clarol products work in a different way to typical anti-acne products and it can take the skin a few weeks to adjust to their effects. They are not medications and are unlikely to work instantly, though many people do see an improvement fairy quickly, but it depends on the severity of the acne and also what medications/products have been used to treat it prior to starting with Clarol products.

In addition, if any anti acne or anti bacterial products have been used for a long period of time prior to use, then the skin can go through a withdrawal period when usage is stopped. This is might cause skin to get temporarily worse before its gets better. Please allow for this period of flux before assessing the effects of the Clarol products.