Sometimes this can happen as highly sensitive, damaged and weakened rosacea prone skin readjusts, especially if medicated products have been used previously on a long term basis. 

The skin can go through a withdrawal stage as it withdraws from its reliance on medicated products and readjusts to a more gentle natural conditioning. Kalme products contain several targeted ingredients to combat the multiple symptoms of rosacea, but its important to remember that they are also mostly natural products so do not take effect as 'immediately' as medicated products. 

However for most people, after 3-4 weeks they usually start to have an accumulative effect and if used regularly for many people they help control and manage flare ups and generally significantly improve the skin's condition and fluctuating skin tones on a long-term basis. 

Sadly too often people give up on the Kalme products too quickly before seeing their full benefits, although of course like any product for rosacea (medicated or not) ,its a very complex skin condition and not all products will work the same for everyone. Its often a matter of trial and error to find out what works individually.