You may notice we have two KALME Day Defence creams and wondering why?  

It’s simple. Many of our customers requested a higher SPF and a smoother cream. In order to do this we had to simplify our original formula. So our Day Defence SPF 30 is a simpler, smoother formulation with a higher SPF factor. It’s slightly less ‘natural’ than our original formulation as it doesn’t use a mineral SPF but it still contains capers for reducing redness plus several other naturally active ingredients to help calm and smooth skin and is suitable for sensitive skins.

Our original Day Defence SPF25 has a lower SPF but is a more complex cream with more ingredients in and is almost 100% natural making it suitable for extremely sensitive skin. The cream is slightly less ‘smooth’ due to amount of natural ingredients and its mineral SPF.   We made both creams to try and cater for everyone’s preferences. 

So really it’s down to your personal preference and skin type. If you prefer a higher SPF and smother but slightly less natural cream, try our Day Defence SPF30. If your skin is extremely sensitive and you are finding it is reacting to higher SPF’s, then try our original Day Defence SPF25.   

We hope this helps you chose the right Day Defence for you.