Yes they are.

We've created sub brands with their own web shops so that people with specific skin conditions don't have to get distracted or confused by all the other products for different skin conditions on Skin Shop, and can go straight to a dedicated web shop only for their skin type. 

We have made sub brands and separate web shops for our Kalme range for rosacea, our Clarol range for acne, our Hydrosil range for eczema and dry skin, our Oregon range for psoriasis, our LipQ range for cold sores and our Actimas range for joint support.

So Skin Shop is the overall umbrella brand and manufacturer for all these separate brands for specific skin conditions. 

However we make all of our products from all the sub brands in the same factory in the UK. They go through the same vigorous safety testing processes and are distributed from the same central depot. All customer support and administrative services are at our central office in Romsey.

Our aim is that this makes shopping with us easier and less confusing for people who wish to go directly to products or seek customer support for their specific skin condition.