Your Conceal & Shield is kept in a new type of airless container to keep it super hygienic while being store, which is important as it’s such a natural product.

So, when you first use the product you need to click the dispenser button at least 20-30 times to pump the product from the storage container and into the brush head.

Once its there it requires just a few clicks each time to dispense the product.

Please persevere with the pumps until you see the product appearing in the little window and then a few pumps more and you will see it appearing in the brush head.

However if you have done this and the product is still not appearing please try giving the tube a couple of sharp taps on a hard surface. Although the pump mechanism is great for hygiene, its quite a technical little thing and sometimes when its new the pump can get jammed. Often a few sharp taps on the hard surface releases the the jam and its plain sailing from there.

If this doesn't work please contact us.