I only use a few of the Clarol products, why can't you reduce the price if I buy more than one product?

Modified on Tue, 09 Feb 2021 at 01:35 PM

We can offer the entire Clarol skincare kit at a reduced price because it means that customers buy several products at once so we can then  factor in the reduced postage costs and reflect that in a price reduction of all the products.

The ingredients in our Clarol range  are not like ingredients in normal over the counter acne products.

They are specialist ingredients sourced from natural plant and mineral extracts that can only be sourced from certain places. Our birch sap in the toner and primer for example is sourced specifically from Nordic silver birth trees that only grow in a certain area in Scandinavia, the willow bark extract and wild red clover extract in our toner and primer is also sourced from Nordic locations. The Microsilver in our Silver Serum is a naturally sourced pure silver mineral that is then micronized using a patented method to make it highly effective for use on the skin. The wild mustard leaf extract in our Calrol Sebopure is only sourced from specific areas of Europe.

This is why our products are effective as its the quality of the ingredients that makes them work.

However such quality of natural ingredients is not cheap to produce. Even so we feel we have priced our products quite modestly compared to other anti acne products which do not contain such specialised and specifically sourced ingredients as ours and which are far less effective as a result.

We also recommend and really like to encourage people to use our entire Clarol skincare range both for additional effectiveness (they are designed to be used in conjunction with each other to be even more effective that when they are used individually and also to discourage people using other cheaper products that may reduce the effectiveness of the Clarol products) and also to reduce the cost of each individual product and postage costs.

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