Sorry to hear your skin isn't improving yet.

Can we ask how long you have been using the Kalme products?

Can we also ask if you were you using any medicated products for your skin before using the Kalme products?

And if so did you stop using them when you started with Kalme or are you still using them?

We ask this because many of our customers were using medicated products before they switched to Kalme and the problems they sometimes experience which are similar to yours are due to their skin 'coming off' the medicated products, as opposed to being caused by the Kalme products.

In addition do bare in mind that rosacea is a very complex skin condition  it can take a while for skin to adjust to new products. 

Let us know a bit more of the background about what you were using for your skin before Kalme and maybe be can advise your more. 

However if you still feel the Kalme products are uniquely responsible for making your skin worse then you should stop using them.