Sorry you are having problems with the Day Defence SPF25. The 'lumpy' bits are the pure mineral zinc SPF. They should dissolve once you rub it in. Please bare in mind that as the cream contains a pure mineral block, it is a literal sun block, so does sit on the surface of the skin more to really protect the skin. That is why it doesn't sink in like a beauty cream. 

This cream also contains a long list of other natural ingredients to help combat the several symptoms of rosacea, redness, inflammation and dryness.  Combining so many ingredients in a natural cream is very hard for any formulator and sometimes the ingredients can separate a bit. 

Also as its such a natural cream sometimes changes in temperature can effect its consistency. 

But a good shake of the tube before use should solve this and once rubbed into the skin the ingredients should further combine and sink into the skin. 

The vast majority of people who buy this product have VERY sensitive skin that can't tolerate ANY chemical SPF products. Do bare in mind this is a treatment product and not just for beauty purposes. Thousands of our customers literally can't use any other product on their skin than the Kalme Day Defence, and so they love it despite the fact its not as smooth as many other SPF products or moisturisers. Most of our customers feel it's worth the compromise to have such an effective and natural product to control their symptoms.

But despite all these variants it should absorb enough not to be too visible, although there is always a very slight whiteness from the cream.

If you can't tolerate this and your skin is not too sensitive, I could send you the Kalme Day Defence SPF30 instead to try. This is a much smoother cream that is more easily absorbed and leaves no trace of whiteness. However please be aware it is not as natural at the SPF25. It doesn't contain a pure mineral SPF, but a synthetic one. It is still formulated for use on sensitive skin and has the same anti-redness ingredients as the SPF25, but people with VERY sensitive and reactive skin can find that their skin doesn't always tolerate it.  Having said that we do still have a significant percentage of our rosacea customers who prefer the SPF30 to the SPF25, usually for the reasons you describe. 

Perhaps you'd like to try it on a small patch of skin first, see how your skin reacts to it. If your skin feels fine then you may find you prefer this cream.

Let me know if you'd like me to send you complimentary tube of the SPF30.