Sorry you have found your Day Defence has gone a bit runny.

Please do bare in mind that the reason that the Kalme Day Defence is so tolerable yet effective for very sensitive skin is that its almost 100% natural in its ingredients. It's also something, even if we say so ourselves, of a mini miracle in terms of formulation. It combines a very ambitious list of natural ingredients which are very hard to formulate into a completely smooth cream. So although the final result isn't and can never be as smooth and consistent to use as a chemical cream, its ability to be tolerated by very sensitive and complicated skin types combined with its active effectiveness makes it an extremely worthwhile compromise for most of our customers.

But the downside of this type of cream is that if left sitting around for a while or if exposed to changing temperatures (so if left out in the sun or a very warm place or a very cool storage place) it can change in its consistency. This is why we always hold small levels of stock (and sometimes run out as a a result)  so product doesn't get left on the shelf too long.

If your Day Defence is runny its because some of the ingredients may have separated. It usually requires a jolly good shake to combine all the ingredients back together again. However if its been stored for a long while in a warm place, even this may not full re combine all the elements of the cream. 

We generally advise that the Day Defence is shaken a few times vigorously before each use anyway, particularly if its been unused for a period of time. 

One thing that is assured though is that your Day Defence will still be perfectly safe and effective to use still, it just may not be quite as lovely to use as it was when it was purchased as its been left to sit for quite some time.

Please let us know if this helps.