We are not doctors but from our research in the field of acne, we feel that topical treatments for acne scarring are largely ineffective which is why we do not make one as we do not like to sell things which we feel will be mostly ineffective. 

Most of our customers with scarring opt for laser treatment for scars once their live acne has been resolved with the help of Clarol products.


On a more general note,  if the Clarol products are working for your skin, we'd suggest you keep on using them and wait to see what their accumulative effects are. The nature of the products means that they are slowly building back up the level of good skin bacteria on your skin and improving the quality of your skin. 

The process of building up the skin's depleted levels of good skin bacteria is not an immediate one and takes time. 

However once levels of good skin bacteria and skin quality are built back up and maintained you should start to see other improvements to your skin aside from a reduction in your acne, including skin softening, a reduction in redness and sensitivity and a more even skin tone, You may find over time these improvements help to reduce the prominence of acne scars even if they do not get rid of the scars themselves. 

Scars are permanently damaged skin cells, not temporary lesions like acne, so no cream will remove them, though improving the quality and texture of your skin and reducing its reactivity and redness may help improve the appearance of scars.