We use two different SPF systems (both of which have protection against UVA and UVB) one all mineral and one a mixture of mineral and chemical filter.

Our Kalme Day Defence SPF25 is a 100% mineral SPF physical block (so not a chemical filter) using Zinc Oxide which has been micronised until it is transparent on the skin. Although it is an SPF 25 for certification, as its a mineral block as opposed to a filter is true protection is similar to a chemical filter of SPF50.  This is a fantastic low reactivity product which works very well with sensitive skins. This is our favourite product. But pure mineral SPF's can still have drawbacks. One of these is that they feel a bit dryer and less smooth than a chemical filter cream.

Our Kalme Chameleon Concealer SPF20 use a Titanium Dioxide mineral SPF. But it also uses a little bit of chemical to make the product a little smoother to use with a more flawless coverage capacity.