Why are the Clarol products not working on my acne?

Modified on Mon, 29 Mar, 2021 at 12:57 PM

Firstly let us say we are sorry you have not seen the results you hoped for with the Clarol range. 
We truly wish that our Clarol products worked for everyone but acne is a complicated skin condition with multiple underlying causes with no one-stop solution and so no single product will always work for everyone, not even prescription products.

The first thing to consider is the origin of your acne. If its acne rosacea rather than bacterial acne, any form of fungal acne or acne caused by dermatitis, the Clarol products will not be as effective as for bacterial acne. Clarol products work by changing the balance of bacteria on the skin which can help build up the skin's natural resistance to the process that leads to bacterial acne. However changing bacterial balance on skin with acne that isn't bacterial will not be effective.

There are also some common mistakes people make that can reduce the effectiveness of Clarol products.

Something to consider is how long you have been using the products.  Many people describe their skin purging before it starts to improve, especially if they have been using anti bacterial products or acne medications before using the Clarol products. This process can take 2-3 weeks before improvements are seen and often the skin gets slightly worse during this period before it improves. 

Another common problem is people using other anti-bacterial products (washes, cleansers etc) at the same time or in conjunction with Clarol products.

Clarol products work by preserving and increasing  good skin bacteria which is what helps to build up stronger and more resilient skin.

 If you're using an anti-bacterial agent at the same time as Clarol you will be reducing it's effectiveness. 

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