Why is Sebopure not working?

Modified on Tue, 02 May 2017 at 11:52 AM

Acne is a complicated skin condition with no one-stop solution and so Sebopure will not always work for everyone. However there are some common mistakes people make that can reduce the effectiveness of Sebopure.

The most common problem is people using other anti-bacterial products (washes, cleansers etc) at the same time or in conjunction with Sebopure.

The skin tends to produce more sebum in reaction to anti-bacterial agents, which means the effects if Sebopure will be reduced if they are used at the same time. 

In addition anti-bacterial agents will also reduce the effectiveness of the actual ingredient in Sebopure that works to purify the sebum. 

The same goes if you are using any kind of sebum inhibiting or sebum drying product at the same time as Sebopure. Sebopure works best with a natural and free production of sebum. Not only will it help purify the sebum to reduce the risk of pore blockages, an unhampered  production of sebum will mean that the skin is naturally more moisturised and balanced, so the results should be clearer, less dry and more radiant skin. 

Finally another common problem is not cleansing before using Sebopure. If the sebum is already teaming with old bad skin bacteria, then Sebopure is going to have a much harder battle. Clean the skin first with a non-anti-bacterial cleanser or wash before applying Sebopure and it should be much more effective. 

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