Do you have any tips about getting the most of of my Kalme products?

Modified on Thu, 28 Mar, 2019 at 12:22 PM

 Here are some tips on getting the most out of the Kalme products; 

 - Please expect some degree of 'fluctuations' in your skin condition over the first 2-3 weeks of using the Kalme products. Especially if you have been using any medicated or anti-bacterial products before hand. Best results are seen after about four weeks so please be patients. Bare in mind that these are natural products that take a bit of time to take effect, especially if they are also having to counteract previous damage or hyper sensitivity from harsh or medicated products. 

 - Do not use Kalme products in combination with any medicated products or anti bacterial products.

 - Try and avoid all make up removers or any other detergent products on your skin while using the Kalme products.

 - Always wear Kalme products under any cosmetics 

 - Keep your skin our of the sun

  - Cleanse twice a day and avoid washing your face with water

Many people find that as their rosacea starts to heal and the redness and spots decrease, the skin does become drier. Its ultimately a good sign as it does mean that its healing, especially  if you are noticing reduced redness and spots. 

We'd recommend that you add Kalme Undercoat to your daily skincare regime to address the dryness.

The Kalme Undercoat is designed to combat dryness and also reduce skin sensitivity. Its an extra layer of moistursation that users can add to their daily Kalme skincare routine if their skin becomes very dry during the healing process. The dryness should improve over time.

How do I use Undercoat with my other Kalme products?

You should apply the Undercoat twice daily (am and pm) straight after cleansing and before you use any of the Kalme products.

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