My HydroBrow has gone a bit cloudy, is it OK?

Modified on Tue, 4 Oct, 2022 at 11:09 AM

Don't worry nothing is wrong with your HydroBrow even though it's a bit cloudy.

The cloudiness can be due to two things;

1. The product has mixed with 'air' if the top has been left off for a bit and this can just cause aeration. The brush can exaggerate this aeration as it is can really stir a lot of air into the product. This is a clear gel so the slight cloudiness from aeration with air is more apparent. This aeration should disappear over time if the Hydrobrow is left standing and not agitated.

2. You may still have traces of other product in your brows, maybe foundation or brow cosmetics that you didn't quite cleanse entirely from your brows and so when you brush them with the HydroBrow brush a bit of this product can get deposited on the brush and then into the gel which can also turn it a little cloudy. Generally we recommend using the hydrobrow before other cosmetics or makeup are applied. The addition of other products into the bottle may react in ways we have not foreseen.

If you feel the brow gel is appearing a little cloudy in your brows too, if you stroke over your brows a few times after you apply it this will solve the problem.

Don't forget that as well as overnight, you can wear HydroBrow under brow cosmetics to help hydrate and protect brows from irritation and flaking.

We hope this is helpful.

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