Please do bare in mind that the reason that the Kalme Chameleon Concealer is so tolerable yet effective for rosacea-prone and sensitive skin is that it contains many natural ingredients. It has also been made with a very strict eye on tolerability for sensitive skins.

It's also something, even if we say so ourselves, of a mini miracle in terms of formulation. It combines a very ambitious list of natural ingredients which are very hard to formulate into a completely smooth concealer with an SPF. 

So although the final result isn't and can never be as consistent to use as a normal cosmetic concealers which typically use silicones plus other artificial 'binders' to keep their consistencies smooth and thick , its ability to be tolerated by very sensitive and complicated skin types combined with its active effectiveness makes it an extremely worthwhile compromise for most of our customers.

But the downside of this type of product is that if left sitting around for a while or if exposed to changing temperatures (for example warmer weather) it can very slightly change its consistency. 

If your concealer is slightly more runny its likely to be because some of the ingredients may have temporarily changed in thickness due to temperature. 

A good shake can help thicken it a bit.

Also if you find it too runny, try storing it in the fridge in between uses. This usually helps thicken it a bit. Any issues are typically due to the product being too warm.

Please rest assured though that your concealer's formula has not been changed in any way. We would always inform customers if we altered a formula due to the sensitive skin conditions that we cater for.

We hope this is helpful