After using Dry Eye Gel the skin around my eyes is less itchy but is still red and very dry. Is this normal?

Modified on Thu, 10 Nov, 2022 at 5:03 PM

Often the 'healing cycle' of very inflamed and damaged skin can go through a period of dryness as the inflammation goes down (inflammation stretches and puffs up the skin especially around the eyes) and the dry damaged and what feels like deflated skin is left. 

The process of healing usually requires a period of treating and tolerating the dryness while at the same time keeping the inflammation and irritation away. 

Usually if the inflammation and itching is kept at bay the healing process can begin and over a period of time the dryness and redness begins to improve with regular use of  the Dry Eye Gel.

So here is what to consider/observe when assessing the effects of our Dry Eye Gel; 

 - First and foremost if your eyelids or skin around your eyes stings for more than 20-30 seconds or becomes more inflamed after using the Dry Eye Gel then stop using it. 

 - The first signs of our our Dry Eye Gel working is usually reduced itching and reduced inflammation, followed by reduced redness followed by reduced dryness, usually in that order (however it's not always the case). 

 - If your skin is not stinging or more inflamed but is less itchy and less inflamed, we would suggest tentatively continuing to see the progression of what comes next. Generally you should give the product about two weeks before judging progress.

 - The healing process of damaged skin is not linear, sometimes redness stays and dryness improves first, sometimes the other way round. 

 - In almost all cases of when our Dry Eye Gel is working is if the irritation and inflammation decreases fairly quickly, like in the first 3-5 days.

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