Failing checkout due to recaptcha failure

Modified on Thu, 17 Nov 2022 at 05:41 PM

We use Google's Recaptcha service. It is designed to detect robots and stop them doing what robots like to do.

Unfortunately Google doesn't share what makes you look like a human or a robot. But we have noticed a few themes that might help a customers who has been misdiagnosed as a robot.

Logging into a google account and remaining logged in while checking out really helps. So try having a tab open with gmail.

Using a VPN can make Google think you're a robot. All robots use a VPN. (VPN is a virtual private network which is great way to hide who and where you are based)

Some ad blockers can make you look like a robot. Because adblockers are robots. Just friendly ones. But Google can still say no.

Some firewall settings can make you look a bit robotic.

Some Apple iMac, phone and other appliances can have some fantastic privacy controls that can make you look a bit robotic. 

For example having this setting ticked has been mentioned on a forum as a cause of falling foul of recaptcha. 

One suggested solution is to open an incognito page and try to checkout again.

Please do let us know if you do something that helps you succeed and we can add to this page for the good of humanity.

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