Is the Kalme Cleanser cleaning my skin enough?

Modified on Fri, 06 Jan 2023 at 03:35 PM

Don't forget that the cleanser does not leave the skin feeling like a normal make up remover or foaming cleanser. Make up removers and foaming cleansers contain detergents that literally 'dissolve' the grease and wax in cosmetics, which is great for that purpose, but imagine what this kind of action does to the skin itself? Skin after using make up removers often feels incredibly clean, but this comes with a price, which is that the skin is stripped literally of all oil and good skin bacteria, which is what then starts the cycle of issues that can end in very aggravated, dry and sensitive skin.

The Kalme Cream Cleanser should leave skin feeling like its been moisturised, it will not feel stripped clean like it does with a foaming detergent based cleanser or with a make up remover. Water-free and detergent-free cleansing can take a bit of getting used to. 

The best way to check how clean your skin is, is to swipe a clean pad over your cleansed skin and check if there is still dirt and make up on the pad. If the pad comes out more or less clean but you simply feel that your skin is not 'clean' then the cleanser has done its job, but you just need to adjust to cleansing without detergents.

If you are finding that after 1-2 cleansing pads your skin is still not clean we suggest two things you can try; 

1. Some make up is very wax based and quite thick so it can help to loosen heavily applied foundation with a natural facial oil first. We suggest rosehip oil, as this is very light. Swipe your face one or two times with a facial oil first to loosen the make up and then cleanse everything off with the Kalme Cream Cleanser.

2. However if you find that the cleanser is still not enough to remove all your makeup we do recommend then doing a 'double cleanse' with our Clarol Pore Minimising Toner, which can help remove any last stubborn make up residue after cleansing with the Kalme Cleanser and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.

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