Clarol Silver Serum can be used with Kalme products

Why does it help rosacea?

Because rosacea is a skin condition that causes frequent inflammation of the capillaries just under the skin's surface, which causes damage to the skin barrier function, whose main function is to keep moisture in and bacteria out. Once skin barrier function is compromised, the skin starts to loose moisture more easily as well as let in more external bacteria.

Hence why many of the classic symptoms of rosacea aside from the redness, is dry but spotty skin. These are secondary symptoms caused by the damage to the skin from underlying inflammation, which is the root cause of rosacea.

Weakened skin barrier function needs increased levels of good skin bacteria to repair itself so Silver Serum essentially works by aiding the skin's natural repair function, which is often depleted in skin prone to frequent rosacea flare ups.

Incorporating Silver Serum into your daily routine with Kalme products can help improve dryness and also aide skin repair and guard against spots.

How do I use Silver Serum with Kalme products?

You should apply the Silver Serum twice daily (am and pm) straight after cleansing and before you use any of the Kalme products. Apply a thin coat of Silver Serum first and then apply whatever Kalme products you are using during the day or at night.