The Kalme Cleanser should remove most make up and if you are suffering from a sensitive skin condition like rosacea, you should probably try and avoid the type of stubborn make up that the cleanser doesn't remove, such as waterproof mascara, eye liners etc.

However if you are having problems removing some stubborn make up, we strongly advise against the use of make up removers of any kind. These are effectively detergents that contain harsh ingredients to literally 'dissolve' stubborn make up.

So imagine what they do to sensitive delicate and damaged rosacea-prone skin!

If you have stubborn make up that the Kalme Cleanser will not remove try using a mild natural oil, such as rose hip oil or squalane oil or even olive oil to loosen the make up first. Put a little oil on a cleansing pad and rub gently into the stubborn make up area.

Wait a minute or so for the oil to sink in and start breaking up the make up. The make up should start to 'bleed' and smudge.

Then cleanse off the loosened make up and the oil with the Kalme Cleanser. This should do the trick without resorting to make up removers.