The Chameleon Concealer is not matching my skin tone, what's your advice?

Modified on Fri, 10 Aug, 2018 at 10:27 AM

While the Kalme Chameleon Concealer is an amazing product in its ability to tone match to a wide spectrum of skin tones, it can;t match all skin tones. It struggles are the darker end of the skin tone spectrum and also at the very pale end. 

But if you skin tone in somewhere in between the Chameleon Concealer should be able to match your tone fairly well; 

Here are some things to try which may help you get a better tone match and a more satisfactory end result;

1. Once you have applied the concealer, keep on rubbing it in and see if the colour adjusts better with a bit more rubbing. Often this is the case.

2. On first application do not put too much on, just a thin layer and rub it in well. Then let it sit for about a minute and then apply a second coat. See if this gets a better result.

3. If you are still not happy with the final result we always suggest that people then apply a thin dusting of a powder that suits their skin tone or a foundation that like over the top. The Chameleon Concealer should have done about 90% of the concealing and tone match but can sometimes needs a little extra help with the final 10% to perfect the tone match. Please remember that primarily this is a treatment concealer so not only is it concealing your skin, it's main function is to treat and calm your rosacea. With daily use your skin tone should start to even out and calm down making it progressively easier for the concealer to match your skin tone.

4. Are you also using the Kalme Day Defence under the Chameleon Concealer? We always recommend this both for extra effectiveness ((as the Day Defence has even more ingredients in it for addressing rosacea) but it can also help the concealer tone match more easily as the Day Defence leaves a slightly pale tinge on the skin and this makes it easier for the concealer to then tone match to it if your skin tone is slightly outside the range of the skin tones that the concealer matches easily.

5. Make sure you wash your hands after using the concealer or else it will also try and tone match to the palms of your hands. 

We hope these tips help you get a better tone match from your concealer. 

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