Liquorice Balm is a great product which generates a lot of positive reviews and testimonials.

A small informal trial was carried out which was successful.  Over 40 people recruited by the Herpes Virus Association and they were given a balm. They didn't know if their balm contained liquorice extract or not. Their results after a month were collated by a doctor who carried out the statistical analysis. The majority of people found a reduction in frequency and severity. But this is not a trail which was done under strictly controlled circumstances and would not be eligible for publication in a scientific journal. But we are proud of the results nonetheless.

The active ingredient in Liquorice Balm is an element called Glycyrrhizic Acid which has been found to have a strong antiviral effect including on the herpes simplex virus. It is this part of the Liquorice extract that has an antiviral effect. The liquorice extract we use in our Liquorice Balm is rich in Glycyrrhizic acid.