Kalme Undercoat is a desensitising and moistursing base coat that can be used on its own or in combination with other Kalme products.

 It's main function is to de-sensitise skin and provide a protective and moisturiser base coat.

Kalme Undercoat does not have anti redness ingredients in it or an SPF so should not be used as an alternative or replacement for the Kalme Day Defence Cream, although it can be used in combination with the Kalme Day Defence Cream if skin is very and/or sensitive.

Kalme Undercoat can be used in combination with all the Kalme products, it can be used under the Kalme Day Defence, Kalme Chameleon Concealer and Kalme Night Cream if skin is extra sensitive and dry.

It can also be used as stand alone moisturiser for sensitive skin with or without rosacea.

Its also helpful used as a base undercoat under cosmetics or sun creams as well as as post-shave cream to reduce occurrences of sensitive skin reactions.