The skin state of rosacea sufferers is not consistent and tends to go in cycles.

Rosacea flares occur when the underlying skin becomes inflamed, usually due to a trigger such as sun, alcohol, spicy foods, illness, medications, stress or a reaction to an external irritant.

During the stage of a rosacea flare often the skin becomes red, spotty and irritated and sometimes greasier in patches.

However after a rosacea skin flare, the skin then enters the remission stage and becomes dry, flaky and sometimes itchy.

TeQ Serum addresses post skin-flare dryness both on the hydration aspect and also on replenishing damaged skin microbiota. 

Reducing dryness that often occurs after a rosacea flare and rebuilding skin microbiota (often damaged during the flare and the cause of the subsequent dryness) will help prevent the next flare being so severe and over time helps build more resilient skin to fight against future flares.