Any cream with an SPF in it is always going to be a little greasier than a normal cream as SPF's by their very nature are a bit greasy.
However the benefits of a daily SPF to your skin if its prone to rosacea far outweigh the negative aspect of the greasiness. In addition the SPF in the Day Defence SPF25 is a pure zinc mineral block, so this not only protects the skin from UV damage (the main trigger for rosacea flare ups) but is also anti inflammatory to calm down the underlying inflammation that is the main symptom of rosacea.

So although your skin may be suffering a little more from greasiness, as you say it is much calmer so you have almost certainly been experiencing the many benefits of Day Defence SPF25.

The SPF30 is no less greasy, in fact perhaps slightly more so. Rosacea is a complex skin condition but more commonly than greasiness, one of the secondary effects of it is people get very dry skin. Some customers found the SPF25 too drying so we made the SPF30 for people with rosacea and dry skin, and also it doesn't have the pure zinc mineral block in it (which is what has the drying effect) so its not as suitable as the SPF25 if you have very sensitive skin.

To address the greasiness you are experiencing you may want to try one of the products from our sister skincare range Clarol. Its a range dedicated to greasy skin prone to acne. But it's still suitable for use on sensitive and rosacea prone skin types as it contains no harsh chemicals.

The product that will help you most with the greasiness is called Sebopure. Its the first 'sebum purifier' on the market and works brilliantly on greasy skin. Unlike all the 'sebum inhibiting' products on the market, Clarol's Sebopure works entirely differently. We believe that the key to tackling greasy skin is not to try and reduce the grease (as this is in fact very good for keeping skin healthy, strong and flexible) but to keep the grease from going rancid through oxidisation (essentially keeping it pure) so that it doesn't lead to pore blockages, which leads to infection and acne.

But as the Kalme products are helping your skin so much we wouldn't advise you stop using the Day Defence. As we have pointed out, a daily SPF and anti-inflammatory is crucial for controlling the underlying primary symptoms of rosacea, which is redness and inflammation cause by dilation of the blood vessels just below the skin's surface.

Try applying the Sebopure under the Kalme Day Defence during the day and under the Kalme Night Repair Cream at night. 

The other thing you might want to consider doing is removing the Day Defence as soon as you get into the house for the evening, like when you get back from work. If you can remove it earlier it can help reduce the greasiness.

Here's the link to Sebopure on our Clarol website: