Here are some tips and advice on when and how to use the Actimas products and how to get the most out of them

Our suggested regimen for Actimas products; 


AM: Apply to painful areas while joints are warm in bed. Remain in bed for 10 minutes after application.


PM: If evening swelling is occurring try to apply a cold press first and then apply Actimas products to painful areas. After application try to raise areas (where possible) to help reduce evening swelling.





  1. Try to always warm the painful areas when applying Actimas products in the mornings and cool the areas when applying Actimas products in the evenings. 
  2. Apply Actimas products more often during the day if pain elevates or if you are rushing around more than normal.
  3. Try to always raise areas of swelling in the evenings to reduce blood flow if swelling is occurring.
  4. Rub products in for a at least a minute when applying as this will help them penetrate the skin better.