I often get cold sores after wearing lipstick. Why is this and can Lip Q help?

Modified on Mon, 17 Apr, 2023 at 2:02 PM

What may be the problem is that if you have used lip sticks that you have used on a live or emerging cold sore the cold sore virus particles might still be in the lip stick itself and so you are effectively re-contaminating yourself each time you apply it.

This is why its generally advised not to use lip stick if you ever have an emerging cold sore.

Also some lipsticks contain irritants in them that make the lips looking 'plumper' which is fine for lips not affected by cold sores but can aggravate the lip enough to trigger a cold sore if the lips are prone to cold sores.

From our customer feedback what seems to be a good solution is is to use our Lip Balm under all lipsticks daily. And to use the rescue Lip Gel at the first sign of the bump or itch of an emerging cold sore under lip stick.

If you do use a lip stick over the top the Lip Q products preferably either a lip 'paint' as in a lipstick that comes in a pot rather than a stick or you can also use a lip 'stick' -  but when when you apply either do so using a clean cotton bud. Do not use the stick directly onto your lips or re-use a normal lip brush. Also never re-put the used cotton tip into the lipstick pot or touch it onto the stick if you need more. Always use a new cotton tip for each application.

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